Thursday, March 16, 2017

Small Group Math

Kindergarten math is so fun! Here is what we did in math during small group time this week.

Geometry: We made shapes out of play-doh.

Addition. I told the kids a story problem and they drew symbols to solve the problem. For example, Jane brought five balloons to school. John brought three balloons to school. How many balloons do they have altogether?

Another example: Three kids were playing soccer. Eight more kids joined wanted to play soccer too. How many kids are playing soccer altogether?

This is our small group at work.

One last example: Jane has two cupcakes. John has four cupcakes. How many cupcakes do they have altogether?

Rainbow Addition: Each band of the rainbow has a number on it. The students took turns tossing cotton balls on to the rainbow. Then the kids write the numbers on their paper to make a number sentence. Finally, we used our fingers to help us solve the problem.

Greater Than /Less Than: We made two groups of rubber ducks in a pond (made out of paper). The kids are pointing to the one that has less. I also asked the students which group had more and they pointed to the group that had more.

Then, we practiced number sentences. In the pictures below, we are practicing subtraction. Nine ducks are floating in a pond. Four ducks flew North for the winter. How many ducks are left in the pond?
 Five ducks are left in the pond.

Normally, we do cooking on Friday, but tomorrow is St. Patrick's Day and we are having a class party. When we do cooking, the kids follow a four or six step recipe and make a tasty treat. Then, they get to eat it. The kids always ask when cooking day is. 

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