Friday, February 24, 2017

Cooking: Cherry Delight

Last week, we made cherry delight for cooking. First, the kids put pudding in their cup. Next, the kids put a scoop of cherry pie filling in their cup. Last, the kids put whipped topping in their cup. They thought it was a very tasty treat for President's Day.

Friday, February 17, 2017

Class Book 2017

Every year I have my students write and illustrate a class book. This year our book is called Scarlet Octopus, Scarlet Octopus, What Do You See? We use Studentreasures to publish our book. Here are some pages from our book. We based our book on Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? The kids chose animals to include in our book and they changed the color words to more interesting color words. Our lovely art teacher, Mrs. Jones, made line drawings of the animals and the kids colored them in. 

Then, each student wrote about what they want to be when they grow up and illustrated a picture to go with their words.

Last, the kids wrote about their favorite Kindergarten memory. 

It took us two months to complete this book. I cannot wait to see the hardbound copy of the book.

Monday, February 13, 2017

Dramatic Play Center: Flower Shop

Today I closed the Starbucks Dramatic Play center and opened the St. Mary's Flower Shop Dramatic Play center. I had so much fun making this center. Yesterday, I went to Dollar Tree and bought all kinds of cute items for the flower shop.

I bought flowers...

office supplies...

vases, pots, decorative sticks, decorative gems for vases, Spanish moss, baskets...

seed packets...

ribbon, aprons, cans, gloves, and seed kits.

I put the flowers in vases and cans.

I made business cards, pricing guides, flower making instructions, a business sign, and an hours of operation sign. These are cards to write a message on to send with a flower arrangement. The kids are going to glue the cards on craft sticks so that they can put the cards in flower arrangements.

These are the business cards I made for the flower shop.

Here is the whole center.

Here is the desk complete with a cash register, card reader, check books, a calculator, note pad, receipt book, message tablet, phone and open/closed sign.

Here are some flowers that are for sale.

This is where the kids make the flower arrangements.

There is also a flower making station with instructions on how to make tissue paper flowers. Tomorrow I am going to add directions for how to make cupcake liner flowers.

The kids had so much fun at the Flower Shop today. 

Saturday, February 4, 2017

Catholic Schools Week 2017

Last week was Catholic Schools Week. We had so much fun.

Sunday was parent appreciation day and open house. Each of my students made their parents a frame and I took a picture of each child and put it in their frame. The parents loved their gift. 

I had many prospective kinder students and their families tour my classroom during open house.

Monday was Spirit Day. Each class chose a color and the class wore that color shirt to school. My Kinders chose teal. We had a spirit competition. Each class had to make up a cheer and perform it for the whole school. 

The cheerleaders performed a cheer too.

Tuesday was Sports Day. The kids were allowed to wear sports jerseys and we had a relay race and a bubblegum blowing contest.

Wednesday was Crazy Sock and Crazy Hair Day. Two winners from each grade level participated in a fashion show.

The teachers even participated!

Thursday was Teacher Appreciation Day. The kids gave the teachers flowers and home made cards. The teachers had a lovely catered lunch in the hall (I was having so much fun that I forgot to take pictures!).

Friday was Grandparents Day. Many grandparents joined us for mass and visited their grandchild's classroom. Lifetouch took pictures of the students with their grandparents. It was an awesome day. We had our book fair this week and Clifford was there too!