Sunday, July 27, 2014

Treasure Box

During silent reading time, I look for the quietest table of students who are reading. The students at the quietest table get to choose an item out of the treasure box at the end of the day. Yesterday, I was at Michaels Arts and Crafts Store and I found these grab bags. I decided to try my luck and buy two of them in the hopes that I would end up with a lot of awesome items for my treasure box.

Here is what came out of two bags.

I got 60 items for $4.00! I got note tablets, note cards, glitter letters, buttons, cards, treat bags, paper crafting embellishments and much more! Most of the items are perfect for my prize box (I did not put the lip gloss in my prize box).
If you have a Michaels store in your neighborhood, I definitely recommend going and picking up a few of these grab bags before they are gone.