Thursday, February 13, 2014

Open House

A few weeks ago we had open house at my school.
When the parents walked in I had a paper about our kindergarten program that they could take home with them. This was mostly for prospective parents. I also put a sample of various activities that we do in class on each table. The first table had sample art masters portfolios on it.
The second table had some of the students' reading logs on it.
 The third table had pictures of activities that we do during small group.
The fourth table had samples of our task homework, class newsletters, workbooks, and our Friday folder on it.

The fifth table had samples of our music masters portfolio so that the parents could see what the kids are learning about in music class.
The sixth table had some of the students' journals on it.
It was a very busy day. The parents loved seeing all of their student's work that was hung up around the classroom.

Monday, February 10, 2014

Glitter Clothespins

I made these cute clothespins with glitter tape that I got at Joann Fabric and Craft Store. I just put the tape on the clothespin and trimmed the edges. It costs about $6.00 to make fifty of these adorable clothespins. I used green glitter tape because my classroom is frog themed. My students love them so much that I am going to make glitter clothespins in various colors and put them in my prize box.

Class Auction Item Update

We are almost done creating our class auction item. We just have to finish making our winter tree. I am so pleased with how these trees have turned out!