Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Spring Auction Update

I have been working on my spring auction item. Here are the trees printed on the canvas. I used a sharpie paint pen to paint the trees. I had to use three coats of paint, but I am really pleased with how they turned out!

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

More Apples

Here are some more fun apply activities that we are doing. In the dramatic play center, the students can pick apples off of trees and make apple pie.

We have our September words on a board so the students can practice reading and writing them.

We tried apple slices, apple sauce, apple juice, and apple jelly and made a graph of which snack we like the best. I was surprised that the students liked apple jelly the best.

We also sang a song about Johnny Appleseed. If you have ever see the Disney cartoon about Johnny Appleseed, then you have heard the song "The Lord's Been Good To Me". I used the same melody, but changed the words. Here are the words that I made up.

John Chapman was his name.
Born 1774
He planted seeds and helped those in need.
He traveled all around the land.
Yes, we remember him.

We made these two cute crafts that I bought from A Cupcake for the Teacher. The kids did a great job!

 This is the Johnny Appleseed hat.