Friday, August 26, 2016

Kinder Camp 2016

Last Monday, we had Kinder Camp. Kinder Camp is four hours long. The incoming Kindergarten students come to school and find their desks and cubbies, learn our basic classroom rules and procedures, and meet their classmates. This helps the students and their parents feel more comfortable on the first day of school. As a teacher, it is a wonderful experience for me to meet the students before the first day of school and see how they work with other students, assess their prior knowledge, and learn a little about each child. The kids come in their uniforms if they want to, they bring a healthy snack, and they bring their school supplies. I encourage parents to stay and volunteer. This year I had a big group of parents that stayed and helped me. They organized and put away class supplies, prepared future projects, and washed our chairs. It was an awesome day!

I have the parents sign their child in and leave information about how to contact them if they are not staying and tell me if their child has allergies.

The students each get a name tag.

I set out collection bins for school supplies so that I do not have to sort the supplies later.

This is my classroom door. I put each student's name on a small paper and stick it to the door with painter's tape.

I always have work ready for parent volunteers to help with. This way, they get to stay and I get some work done too.

Here is my classroom taken from the front door.

Here is my writing wall where I display the students' work all year.

This is my classroom taken from the front corner of the room.

This is me with one of my students.

Monday, August 8, 2016

I got a FREE area rug from Coles Fine Flooring!

Last Saturday, my son and I got up really early and went to wait in line for a free area rug. We got to Coles Fine Flooring at 6:45am and we were 35th in line. Coles gave away 150 rugs to teachers. This was the line.

Here is my area rug! It is 5'x8'. I am going to use it for small group meetings. Thank you Coles Fine Flooring!