Wednesday, September 30, 2015


We have been learning about apples this month. We did apple patterns with cut outs.

We got to taste different apple snacks and then we made a graph of our favorite apple snack.

We learned a song about Johnny Appleseed. I made up this song three years ago to the tune of "The Lord's Been Good To Me" from the Disney American Legends cartoon. You can search the video on YouTube to hear the tune of the song.

We did apple labeling.

We also made a Johnny Appleseed craft created by A Cupcake For the Teacher.

We had a lot of fun learning about apples. 

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Kindergarten Mass

Apparently, the end of last school year was so busy that I did not publish this entry either. This was at the end of last May. 

Two weeks ago was the Kindergarten Mass. That means that the students read the welcome, first reading, responsorial psalm, petitions, and are the gift bearers. They did an awesome job!


First Reading

Responsorial Psalm


Gift Bearers

Where the Wild Things Are Play 2015

I just realized that I did not publish this last May. 

Each spring my Kindergarten class presents the story Where The Wild Things are as a play. This year, I changed the backdrop. For the first two years I created a paper back drop for the play, but I had so many problems with the back drop falling off the wall if the hall doors were left open that I decided to purchase a backdrop. I layered two  back drops on top of each other and taped them together. Then, all I had to do was staple the backdrop to the cork at the top of the wall. I can reuse the backdrop each year (which will cut down on a lot of prep work for me). You can see the backdrop behind my students. I made the students' costumes out of fleece so I can wash them and use them each year. I made this costumes three years ago and they still look great!

This year I decided to decorate the entrance to the school with chain vines and a Max cardboard cut out.

In addition, I decorated the doors to the hall with Wild Things. I also made giant footprints and taped them to the floor leading to the stage.

Here is a better picture of the Max cardboard cut out.

Picture Day

Today is picture day. We took this cute class photo before we took our individual pictures. It is supposed to look like a cross.

I took the picture above and made it into the shape of a cross. I think it looks so cute!