Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Rhythm Tic-tac-toe

Today my students played rhythm tic-tac-toe. I learned this game when I was in the credential program. I used a piece of poster board and drew a 4x4 grid on it. I used mini bulletin board accents on the grid to show where to clap (I change the accents to coordinate with each season). 

Each row represents one measure in 4/4 time. Each square equals one beat. When there is no bulletin board accent (snails), the kids tap their shoulders to show that there is a rest. The students clap when there is a bulletin board accent. For example, when the students read the picture above they would tap-clap-tap-clap, clap-tap-clap-tap, tap-clap-clap-tap, clap-tap-tap-clap. I chose a student to move the snails and we started again. The kids loved it!

We reviewed note types and names and then played rhythm tic-tac-toe.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Wild Thing Refreshments

My room moms set up this refreshment table for my students. They made all of the treats by themselves!

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Where The Wild Things Are- Spring Play

Tonight is my class' spring play. We are presenting a play based on the beloved Maurice Sendak book, Where the Wild Things Are. I created a script, made costumes, and designed the set. Here are some pictures of the set.

 This is Max' throne.

My students made this block tower for Max to destroy as one of his mischievous acts.

Max' room. I painted this on a 9'x6' canvas.

I made Max' boat (with help from my awesome husband) out of cardboard, felt, and tulle. I used a sharpie to write Max on the boat.

This is my class dressed up in their costumes. I am on the right. My teaching assistant is on the left.

I made wild thing foot prints that went from the front of the school to the hall. I made a template and traced it onto orange, teal, green, and brown adhesive vinyl.

I traced this Max onto cardboard and hung it from the ceiling to make a cute photo spot.

Paint Tip

My students love to paint at the art center. I use foil cupcake liners to line my paint trays. When the students are done painting, they can throw away the foil liners and the paint tray is clean. It is awesome!

Monday, May 6, 2013

Priest Paper Doll

Every first Friday of the month, one class goes to chapel Mass and the other classes go to Family Activities. Family Activities are when two students from each grade level meet in one classroom to do an activity together. Last week we made priest paper dolls to teach the students about the vestments that a priest wears (alb, cincture, stole, chasuble, and surplice). The picture below shows how to layer the vestments onto the paper doll.

Here is the finished paper doll.

The students had a hard time cutting around the tabs, but they were all able to complete the project. If you would like the pattern, please leave a comment and I will email it to you.